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Prof. Fowler"s biography, Santa Anna the Mexico, has influenced present public discourse which has actually led mexican to revise their "official history" that six-times president Antonio López de Santa Anna, 1794-1876, by illuminating y challenging cultural values y social presumptions in los public domain. Ns work, i beg your pardon was interpreted into Spanish and published in Mexico as Santa Anna (2010; re-issued 2011), together other key outputs, consisting of a televisión programme, about papá noel Anna y other mexico presidents, to be at los centre of several state-government-sponsored events in ns build-up to, y as part of, the Bicentenary of los War of self-reliance in 2010. It has actually succeeded in improving the quality of evidence employed to boost public knowledge of Mexico"s complex past.

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Enhanced understanding has actually ledto uno revised interpretation of SantaAnna in Mexico’s ‘official history’.

Underpinning research

Santa Anna that Mexico (2007; 501pp)1, ns key text in this instance study, was released in ns United States y Britain by the University of Nebraska push (hbk) y by Bison books (pbk), and in Mexico (in Spanish) by the universidad Veracruzana. At ns same time, in Mexico City, the academia Nacional después Estudios Históricos del la revolucionario Mexicana, y the leading transacción publishing casa Fondo del Cultura Económica, released Fowler"s Presidentes mexicanos (2004)2, dos vols, y Gobernantes mexicanos (2008)3, 2 vols, respectively. Various other contemporaneous publication included short articles in prestigious academic journals ~ above different elements of papa noel Anna"s politics career4-6.

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Research for these publications, undertaken in regional y national archives in Mexico, as well as in Britain, Spain, y the united States, to be carried fuera by Prof. Will Fowler at the University of ns Andrews from mil novecientos noventa y nueve onwards. Front to los dissemination of Fowler"s findings, visión de conjunto Antonio López del Santa Anna (1794-1876) had actually been consistently depicted as un traitor, un turncoat and a tyrant in ns U.S. To justify the Texan 1835-36 battle of Independence y the U.S. Military treatment of 1846-48, and in Mexico come explain y account for the country"s traumatic loss in the Mexican-American War. Since the late nineteenth century, he to be theescolaesportivacoralcolon.netore gift as the traitor who allegedly recognized los independence of Texas in bondage (1836), lost los Mexican-American war (1846-48) for un fistful that dollars, and shamelessly sold components of Mexico to los United condiciones in the Gadsden acquisition (1853). That was also consistently portrayed as an opportunistic turncoat who changed sides whenever it suited him, there is no upholding any kind of distinguishable politics ideals. Final but not least, he to be repeatedly illustrated as los despotic dictator that terrorized the país following independence: "a curse top top Mexico".

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The prestige of Fowler"s biography lies in ns way the this inaccurate, simplistic y Manichean watch has because been considerably revised in the historiography and in Mexico more widely. It has actually challenged cultural values y assumptions in Mexican civil society which, till recently, had chosen no to think about the early republican duration (because that was too painful), and, as soon as it had, blamed papa noel Anna for every little thing that went wrong after independence (including Mexico"s defeat in 1848 — incorrectly claiming santa Anna lost los conflict ~ above purpose, — and the traumatic loss of half of los country"s are to ns United condiciones — erroneously pretending he marketed it). Fowler"s research has compelled Mexicans come revise together an interpretation. That has shown how papa noel Anna to be neither un traitor nor a turncoat. Nor to be he always un tyrant. Instead, the papa noel Anna that emerges desde Fowler"s work-related was ns general, ns landowner, y a nineteenth-century caudillo whose political idea evolved with time and who tried to prosper personally and help his país develop in ~ a tiempo of severe and repeated crises, as ns colony that was new Spain gave means to a young, troubled, besieged y beleaguered mexican nation.