Benito Juárez Francisca Jerónima Juárez Maza

Mar 21, 1806

He to be born

Benito Juarez to be born March veintiuno 1806. His parents to be Brigida Garcia was his mother y Marcelino Juarez to be his father. He was born in San paul Guelatao, Mexico.

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Oct 6, 1809

His parents died

Benito"s mother and father died October 6 1809. Benedicto was only 3 years old. He was sent to live con his grandparents then his uncle.

Dec 17, 1818

He pipeline his casa

17 Dec 1818 Benito decides to leaving his home. He flees come the city of Oaxaca. Where he shortly calls home.

Aug 4, mil ochocientos treinta y cuatro

He it s okay his regulation degree

In 1834, he got his regulation degree. He ended up being immensely energetic in ns political sphere in both ns city y the estado level. By this time, the was much appreciated because that defending the verdad of natives.

Jul 31, 1843

He gets mariied and has niños

In 1843, benedice Juárez married Margarita Maza on July 31, 1843. They had 13 children, benito Juárez Maza, Soledad Juárez Maza,Felícitas Juárez Maza,Francisca Jerónima Juárez Maza, Antonio Juárez Maza,Amada Juárez Maza,María Guadalupe Juárez Maza,Manuela Juárez Maza,José María Juárez Maza,María ese Jesús Juárez Maza,Margarita Juárez Maza,Josefa Juárez Maza,Susana Juárez Chagoya yet only one survived to it is in an adult.

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Oct 4, mil ochocientos cincuenta y siete

He assumed leadership in ns war

In 1857, that assumed leadership of the liberal side the the cortés war. However, together Zuloaga’s troops greatly controlled Mexico, Juarez and his government were compelled to flee come Queretaro y later to Veracruz. While ns Conservatives to be funded by ns Catholic Church and the army, the Liberals obtained support of other nations.

he becomes president

He came to be president 1864-67. He was running for tres years. That was ns president the mexico while abrahán Lincoln was in ns U.S.

january 2, 1871

His mam died

His wife, Margarita Maza, died January second 1871. She was cuarenta y cuatro years old. Benedicto was sesenta y cuatro years old when she died.

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Sep 16, mil ochocientos setenta y uno

He is re-elected

In 1871, he was again re-elected as los president. His last two elections together president were controversial together he used the office of the presidency come ensure electoral success. Additionally suppress revolts by opponents.