Biografia de frida kahlo en ingles

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Mexico City: homes y studios that Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera
The homes y studios of Frida Kahlo (blue) y Diego Rivera (white) in Mexico City.

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The dos Fridas and other later works

By los mid-1930s many extramarital affairs—notably the of Rivera with Kahlo’s younger sister and those of Kahlo con several men and women—had undermined their marriage, y the dos divorced in 1939. That very same year Kahlo painted some of her most well known works, including The two Fridas. Ns unusually huge canvas (5.69 × 5.68 feet <1.74 × 1.73 metres>) reflects twin figures sociedad anónima hands, each ilustración representing one opposing side of Kahlo. The personaje to los left, pull in uno European-style wedding dress, is the junto a that Rivera purportedly rejected, y the personaje to the right, dressed in Tehuana attire, is the lado Rivera love best. The completamente heart of the indigenous Kahlo is ~ above display, y from it an artery leads to uno miniature portrait of Rivera that she hold in she left hand. One more artery connects to ns heart of the other Kahlo, i beg your pardon is totally exposed and reveals ns anatomy within. The end of the artery is cut, y the european Kahlo holds ns surgical instrument seemingly to stem the flow the blood that drips onto her white dress.

Kahlo reconciled with Rivera in 1940, y the couple moved into her childhood home, La página de inicio Azul (“the blue House”), in Coyoacán. In mil novecientos cuarenta y tres she was appointed un professor of héctor at La Esmeralda, los Education Ministry’s institution of fine Arts. Never fully well, Kahlo started to further decrease in health, and she commonly turned to alcohol and drugs because that relief. Nonetheless, she continued to be abundant during the 1940s. She painted countless self-portraits with varying hairstyles, clothing, and iconography, always showing herself with an impassive, steadfast gaze, for which she came to be famous. Kahlo underwent numerous surgeries in los late 1940s y early ’50s, often con prolonged centro de salud stays. Towards the fin of she life, she forced assistance con walking. She appears in Self-Portrait con Portrait of Dr. Farill (1951) seated in ns wheelchair. Her ill health and wellness caused her to to visit her first solo exhibition in Mexico in mil novecientos cincuenta y tres lying on a bed. She passed away in La página de inicio Azul uno year later, the official cause documented as uno pulmonary embolism.


Self-portrait con Thorn Necklace y Hummingbird, oil on canvas by Frida Kahlo; in ns Harry rescate Center, Austin, Texas. 61.25 × cuarenta y siete cm.

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The Frida Kahlo Museum and posthumous reputation

After Kahlo’s death, Rivera had La página de inicio Azul redesigned together a museum dedicated to her life. Los Frida Kahlo museo opened to ns public in 1958, a year delaware Rivera’s death. The Diary that Frida Kahlo, covering ns years 1944–54, y The letters of Frida Kahlo to be both released in 1995. Return Kahlo had achieved success as an artist in her lifetime, she posthumous call steadily grew from the 1970s and reached what some critics called “Fridamania” by ns 21st century. She is perhaps one of the best-known artist of ns 20th century. The dramatic parts of her life—the debilitating injury desde the bus accident, los turbulent marriage, the sensational love affairs, and the heavy drinking y drug use—inspired many books y movies in ns decades following her death.