Biografia De Juan Gabriel En Ingles

Multimillion-selling mexican singer who rose from poverty to become a celebrity across the Spanish-speaking world


Juan Gabriel performing in Florida in 2004. The did no court English-speaking entusiastas because he had such a large Latin following. Photograph: alexander Tamargo/Getty Images
Juan Gabriel performing in Florida in 2004. That did no court English-speaking entusiastas because he had actually such un large Latin following. Photograph: alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Juan Gabriel, who has passed away of un heart strike aged 66, was a hugely successful Mexican pop star, with ns remarkable rags-to-riches historia that witnessed him become uno hero across ns Spanish-speaking world. A flamboyant performer y versatile songwriter, the was ideal known for his emotionally ballads y often pained lyrics, despite he likewise covered ns variety that distinctively mexico styles, desde mariachi come ranchera and banda.

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Gabriel never bothered come court English-speaking fanes or pendant of mundo music, simply because he had actually such a vast Latin following. However his por último recording proved that he can have appealed to ns wider audience. His Spanish-language treatment of the Creedence Clearwater revival hit have You ever Seen los Rain? showed up on the compilation album Quiero Creedence, released in July. The provided un reminder that he can have to be an impressive roca performer, had actually he wished.

Two days prior to his death, he gave what to be to it is in his por último concert, in Inglewood, der Angeles, throughout his MeXXico es Todo (Mexico is everything) tour of ns US. He to be dressed, together ever, in extravagant stage apparel – the favoured sequin-covered outfits in bright colours – y backed by ns well-drilled full mariachi band in large hats, play guitars y brass, and by one orchestra. His admitir included many of his best-known songs, including uno mismo (Beloved), uno slow, weepy ballad of lost love, i m sorry was un big struggle in 1984, and other grand, disastrous songs.

The youngest of 10 siblings, he was born Alberto Aguilera Valadez to Gabriel Aguilera Rodríguez and Victoria Valadez Ojas, negative farm workers who lived in Parácuaro, to the west the Mexico City. After his father to be taken to ns psychiatric hospital, his mother moved to ns border city of ciudad Juárez to occupational as ns maid. But she can not purchased to care for her children, therefore at los age of 4 Alberto was placed in one orphanage, where he remained for eight years, seeing his mommy only once un year.

By the age of 14 he was selling food y trinkets in ns street, yet at the same time he began writing songs. He sang in local bars, y later took trip to Mexico ciudad to shot to break right into the musical business. There were tiempo when that slept rough, y he was jailed for 18 months for stealing ns guitar – un theft the insisted he did not commit.

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He continued to sing and to write songs, and in 1971, as soon as he to be 21, his fortunes changed. The signed un recording contract and, debajo his nuevo stage name, juan Gabriel, notched increase his first big hit, no Tengo Dinero (I nothing Have any type of Money), which showed up on his first album, ns Alma Joven. It significant him el fin as different desde other singers. Rather than bragging, he to be expressing the problems of numerous ordinary Mexicans. That went on come record much more than sesenta albums, selling much more than 100m worldwide, consisting of Recuerdos, elevar II, which sold 8m copies and included Querida. An additional of his emotionally songs, mente Eterno (Eternal Love), was ns lament for his mother, who passed away in 1974, and was frequently played at funerals. That made his debut together an actor in the 1975 film noble Ranchera.

Gabriel’s popularity continued for an ext than four decades, both due to the fact that his often highly emotional songs appealed to mexican of every classes y regions and because he was ns larger than life, hard-working live show – one increasingly important skill in an fue ~ when record sales afuera have decreased but major artists have the right to earn a fortune desde stadium shows. His live shows consisted of a mil novecientos noventa appearance at the Palace of well Arts, Mexico City, which had actually previously staged only classic concerts. Los event was recorded and led to yet an additional bestselling live album. In the US that performed at leading venues including Madison cuadrado Garden, nuevo York.

Gabriel to be ranked in ~ No 18 on Billboard’s dos mil quince Money devices list, apparently earning $11.6m from touring that year. He never ever forgot his pains childhood, and founded an orphanage in urbe Juárez and gave advantage concerts to aid children’s homes across Mexico.

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Gabriel is made it through by ns four children, Ivan, Jean, Hans y Joan, that had con Laura Salas.

despues de ansan Gabriel (Alberto Aguilera Valadez), singer and songwriter, born 7 January 1950; died veintiocho August 2016