Biografia de venustiano carranza en ingles

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Born December 29, mil ochocientos cincuenta y nueve inCuatro Cienegas, Coahuila, Mexico
Died might 21, mil novecientos veinte inTlaxcalantongo, Puebla, Mexico (homicide through gunshot)
Birth NameVenustiano Carranza Garza
NicknameDon Venus
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Born into uno wealthy cattle-ranching family, Venustiano Carranza adhered to in his father"s footsteps and joined ns Mexican army.

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He became ns supporter that Francisco I. Madero in Madero"s efforts to overthrow the dictatorship the Gen. Porfirio Díaz. Once this verified successful, Madero appointed Carranza together Secretary that War y Secretary of ns Navy. However, soon delaware assuming strength Madero was assassinated in uno coup masterminded through Gen. Victoriano Huerta, forcing Carranza come flee. He arranged an military to fight versus Huerta, y allied his fuerza with those the rebels (and former bandits) Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata. Ns combined rebel army encircled Mexico City--Huerta"s base--and combated their way to ns city"s gates. They soon took los city, forcing Huerta come flee, and Carranza, Villa and Zapata took gastos generales the government. Soon, however, Carranza y Villa locked horns and in los ensuing strength struggle, departamento was driven representar Mexico City y retreated trasero to his headquarters in Durango.

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In mil novecientos quince Carranza assumed the presidency the Mexico y set about to make numerous needed reforms. He introduced an elevation judiciary, instituted soil reform, decentralized government power y called for a Constitutional convention, which was convened in 1917. A nuevo constitution to be written - which is still offered today - y he was chosen as ns first president under this constitution. However, many fuerza were arrayed versus him, including his previous allies Villa and Zapata, who believed his revolutionary didn"t go far enough, and many wealthy landowners y the Catholic Church, who assumed that his revolutionary were too radical. Carranza placed un bounty top top Zapata"s head, which eventually resulted in his assassination, and Carranza"s army hunted abajo Villa in del norte Mexico. Together his presidential term attracted to un close, however, he offended several powerful military and political leaders by picking a man they did not provide of to succeed him. In 1920 an alliance of this leaders, headed by Gen. Álvaro Obregón, led a rebellion against Carranza. His fuerza were defeated y he fled Mexico City. That headed toward Vera superar to reorganize, however on may 21, 1920, he quit in a casa in the town that Tlaxacalantongo to spend ns night.

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Obregon"s spies learned the his whereabouts, y later that night the casa was assaulted by Obregon"s men and Carranza to be shot and killed.