De viaje con los derbez cuantos capitulos son

And they’re back! ns wildly hillarious y loveable Derbez family members goes at it again yet this time, lock trading airplane & big cities for an RV & los wild. Top top this season, castle explore los beautiful see of los northwest of ns United States. Together, they'll find out to endure in nature... The is, if being with each other 24/7 doesn't death them first.

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StarringEugenio Derbez, Alessandra Rosaldo, Aislinn DerbezGenresComedySubtitlesEnglish, de españa , more…PortuguêsAudio languagesEspañol, de españa

The household heads el fin in your spacious RV to start their trip around the Northwest that America. Ns first stop is un yurt at los top of un mountain in Idaho. Eugenio realizes, surviving in ns wilderness might come debajo to the doing y being blamed because that everything.

Lacking access to ns clean bathroom & un good shower, Ale begins to feel ns little uncomfortable with ns wild. To make matters worse, Eugenio to plan an activity that is thought about one of the most dangerous sporting activities in los world. Later that evening, ns family heads fuera de to their campgrounds where they will sleep for the night, where los family is greeted by howling wolves & ns very mischevious bear.

After un night under the stars & wild pets close by, los family wakes up…somewhat rested. The siguiente stop is a beautiful cabin in Teton Springs whereby they can finally take ns shower & storage Aitanna's birthday. Yet something about los celebration makes Eugenio tap into the worst jokes that make his children question wether or not he's losing his edge.

The family heads out to large Sky, Montana! josé Eduardo takes that upon self to teach Aitana around his kind of fun…namely, poker. Worn down of gift told she's no adventurous, Ale surprises ns family with risky activities. Ais meets uno guide & decides to walk on ns date... But when josé Eduardo crashes it, Ais is compelled to choose in between letting her brothers tag along or tossing him off los mountain.

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Eugenio plans uno record-breaking tour of Yellowstone nacional Park. After, ns family top to chico Hot Springs where josé Eduardo surprises his dad with un father-son activity. Eugenio takes benefit of this hora to have un much-needed talk about los past. Eugenio realizes that he faces a difficult desafío to let walk of los pain of ns past for ns sake that his family’s future.
The family members dresses increase in their Cowboy finest to storage Ale & Eugenio’s birthdays! Ais reveals that her hora on ns trip is coming to an fin as she misses she daughter uno lot and feels it’s time to go regreso to her. But prior to she leaves, ns family heads gastos generales to Glacier país Park, wherein they get the surprise of your lives.
For los first hora since los trip, los entire household is reunited in der Angeles. Gastos generales a picnic, castle discuss ns trip y reveal moments and activities that were no seen prior to on ns season.

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And they’re back! ns wildly hillarious y loveable Derbez family goes in ~ it again however this time, they’re trading airplanes & big cities because that an RV & ns wild. On this season, they explore ns beautiful scenery of ns northwest of ns United States. Together, they'll discover to make it through in nature... That is, if being with each other 24/7 doesn't kill them first.
ProducersHello Beautiful, LLCNetworkAmazon StudiosAmazon Maturity Rating13+ Teens. Discover moreContent advisoryAlcohol use, foul languageSupporting actorsVadhir Derbez, Jose Eduardo Derbez, Aitana Derbez