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Justine (or los Misfortunes the Virtue) is collection just before ns French transformation in France y tells the historia of ns young woman that goes under los name of Therese. Her story is recounted come Madame de Lorsagne while defending herself for her crimes, dentro route to punishment y death. She explains the serie of misfortunes which have led her to be in her current situation.

This publication has doscientos noventa y tres pages in the PDF version, y was originally published in 1791.

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Excerpt representar "Justine"

O thou mine friend! ns prosperity of Crime is favor unto los lightning, whose traitorous brilliancies embellish los atmosphere however for one instant, in order to hurl into death"s an extremely depths los luckless one they have dazzled. Yes, Constance, it is come thee me gustaría address this work; at once los example and honor of your sex, with uno spirit the profoundest sensibility combining the most judicious y the many enlightened that minds, thou arte she to whom identificación confide mine book, which will certainly acquaint thee with the sweetness of the tears Virtue ill beset doth shed y doth reason to flow. Detesting ns sophistries that libertinage y of irreligion, in word and deed combating lock unwearingly, i fear not that those required by ns order the personages showing up in this Memoirs will put thee in any kind of peril; los cynicism impressive in particular portraits (they were softened as lot as ever before they could be) is alguna more apt to surprised thee; for it is just Vice the trembles once Vice is found out, y cries scandal automatically it is attacked.

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To bigots Tartuffe was indebted because that his ordeal; Justine"s will be the achievement the libertines, and little do identificación dread them: they"ll not betray my intentions, this thou shalt perceive; her opinion is adequate to make my whole glory and delaware having pleased thee me gustaría must either you re welcome universally or find consolation in a normal censure. Los scheme of this novel (yet, "tis less uno novel than one might suppose) is doubtless new; los victory got by Virtue gastos generales Vice, los rewarding the good, los punishment of evil, such is ns usual system in every other work-related of this species: ah! ns lesson can not be too regularly dinned in ours ears! yet throughout to existing Vice triumphant y Virtue un victim that its sacrifices, come exhibit uno wretched biology wandering from one misery to ns next; los toy that villainy; ns target of every debauch; exposed to ns most barbarous, the most monstrous caprices; thrust witless by los most brazen, ns most specious sophistries; prey to the most shrewd seductions, los most irresistible subornations because that defense versus so numerous disappointments, so much bane y pestilence, come repulse such a quantity the corruption having nothing but a sensitive soul, a mind naturally formed, and considerable courage: briefly, come employ los boldest scenes, ns most extraordinary situations, the most dreadful maxims, los most energetic brush strokes, with los sole thing of obtaining from all this one of the sublimest parables ever before penned for humano edification; now, such were, "twill be allowed, to seek to with one"s destination by un road not lot traveled heretofore. Have i succeeded, Constance? Will ns tear in her eye determine my triumph? delaware having check out Justine, wilt say: "Oh, just how these renderings the crime make me proud of mine love for Virtue!

How sublime go it appear through tears! exactly how "tis embellished through misfortunes !" Oh, Constance! may these words but escape your lips, y my labors shall it is in crowned. Los very masterpiece of approach would it is in to develop los means Providence employs to arrive at the ends she designs for man, and from this construction to deduce part rules of conduct acquainting this wretched two-footed separar with ns manner wherein he need to proceed follow me life"s thorny way, forewarned of los strange caprices of the fatality lock denominate by twenty different titles, and all unavailingly, for it has actually not however been scanned no one defined. If, though full of respect for sociedad conventions and never overstepping the bounds they attract round us, if, nonetheless, it need to come to pass that us meet with nothing however brambles y briars, while the wicked tread upon flowers, will it not be reckoned - save through those in whom ns fund of incoercible virtues renders deaf to these remarks-, will it not be made decision that that is preferable to give up oneself to los tide quite than to resist it? will it no be felt that Virtue, yet beautiful, becomes the worst of all attitudes when that is uncovered too feeble come contend con Vice, y that, in an completely corrupted age, ns safest food is to monitor along after the others? Somewhat far better informed, if one wishes, y abusing the knowledge they have acquired, will they no say, as did los angel Jesrad in ‘Zadig’, the there is cuales evil whereof some good is no born? and will they no declare, that this being los case, castle can give themselves gastos generales to angry since, indeed, it is however one of the fashions of producing good? will they no add, the it makes alguna difference to the general destinado a whether such-and-such un one is by preference great or bad, that if misery persecutes virtue y prosperity accompanies crime, those points being together one in Nature"s view, far better to join la empresa with ns wicked that flourish, 보다 to it is in counted amongst the virtuous that founder? Hence, it is vital to suspect those dangerous sophistries of a false philosophy; the is essential to dando that through examples of afflicted virtue presented to uno depraved soul in which, however, over there remain uno few an excellent principles, the is essential, identificación say,- to admitir that spirit quite as surely restored to justice by these way as by portraying this virtuous job ornate with ns most glittering honors and the most flattering rewards.