One Hundred año of Solitude isthe background of the isolated city of Macondo and of ns family who foundsit, the Buendías. Because that years, the town has alguna contact with the outsideworld, other than for gypsies who periodically visit, peddling technologieslike ice and telescopes. Los patriarch of ns family, artículo ArcadioBuendía, is impulsive and inquisitive. He remains un leader who isalso deeply solitary, alienating himself representar other males in his obsessiveinvestigations into mysterious matters. These character traits areinherited by his descendents throughout ns novel. His enlarge child,José Arcadio, inherits his large physical strength y his impetuousness.His younger child, Aureliano, inherits his intense, enigmatic focus. Gradually,the town loses that innocent, solitary state when that establishescontact with other communities in the region. Civil wars begin, bringingviolence and death to relaxed Macondo, which, previously, had actually experiencedneither, and Aureliano becomes los leader the the gratis rebels,achieving fame together Colonel Aureliano Buendía. Macondo transforms froman idyllic, magical, and sheltered ar to a town irrevocably connectedto los outside mundo through the notoriety of Colonel Buendía. Macondo’sgovernments readjust several tiempo during and delaware the war. In ~ onepoint, Arcadio, los cruelest of ns Buendías, rule dictatoriallyand is at some point shot by un firing squad. Later, a más alto is appointed,and his reign is serene until another civil uprising has him killed.After his death, the civil war ends with the signing of uno peacetreaty.

More 보다 a siglo goes by gastos generales the course of ns book,and so most of los events that garcia Márquez defines are themajor turning points in los lives of ns Buendías: births, deaths,marriages, love affairs. Part of ns Buendía males are wild y sexuallyrapacious, frequenting brothels y taking lovers. Others space quietand solitary, preferring come shut themselves up in your rooms tomake tiny gold fish or come pore gastos generales ancient manuscripts. Thewomen, too, range desde the outrageously outgoing, prefer Meme, whoonce brings home seventy-two friends from boarding school, to the primand proper Fernanda de Carpio, that wears a special nightgown witha feet at los crotch once she consummates she marriage con herhusband.

A sense of ns family’s destiny because that greatness remainsalive in its tenacious matriarch, Ursula Iguarán, y she worksdevotedly to keep los family together despite its differences. Butfor ns Buendía family, as for the entire town of Macondo, thecentrifugal fuerza of modernity are devastating. Imperialist capitalismreaches Macondo as uno banana plantation move in y exploits theland y the workers, y the Americans that own los plantation settlein their very own fenced-in section of town. Eventually, upset at theinhumane method in i m sorry they are treated, ns banana workers go onstrike. Hundreds of them space massacred by ns army, i m sorry sideswith ns plantation owners. When ns bodies have actually been dumped intothe sea, five la edad of ceaseless rain begin, creating un flood thatsends Macondo into its final decline. As ns city, beaten down byyears of violence and false progress, begins to slip away, los Buendíafamily, too, starts its process of por último erasure, get over by nostalgiafor bygone days. The book ends almost as it began: ns village isonce again solitary, isolated. Ns few staying Buendía familymembers revolve in upon themselves incestuously, alienated representar theoutside world y doomed to un solitary ending. In the último sceneof ns book, the last surviving Buendía translates un set the ancientprophecies y finds that all has actually been predicted: that the villageand that is inhabitants have merely to be living fuera de a preordained cycle,incorporating an excellent beauty y great, disastrous sadness.

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