Grito De Independencia De Mexico Miguel Hidalgo

* student hosted task booths such as making record flowers, color luchadores masks, y constructing mini piñatas.

Estás mirando: Grito de independencia de mexico miguel hidalgo’s an excellent Lawn was awash in color this fall as nearly 500 people came fuera for ns 2nd annual los Grito ese Independencia social Fiesta.


Farid Alejandro Soberanis Garcia desde the mexican Consulate waves the flag following his shipment of los Cry the Dolores.

El Grito ese Dolores is an essential national vacaciones for los people that Mexico, much like America’s 4th of July. The is commemorated on September 15 to commemorate the comienzo of the Mexican war for Independence. Annually at 11:00 p.m., Mexico’s president rings a bell at the nacional Palace in Mexico City and shouts el fin a contact of patriotism based on the Cry the Dolores, ns call el fin made two centuries earlier by miguel Hidalgo y Costilla that started the war because that independence. This contact is replicated in cities y towns transparent Mexico with ns highest-ranking federal government official making los call. Right here at, Farid Alejandro Soberanis Garcia representar the mexico Consulate in Seattle led los crowd through los Cry of Dolores.

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“It was un very moving y emotional moment that reminds us just how vital these type of social connections room for the people in our community,” stated Dr. Melissa Hill, vice president for student affairs. “The world who gathered space proud of their Mexican and of the sacrifices that their forefathers made to build the country that continual their families for generations. It was noticeable that even when we take trip away from home, ns piece of our homeland remains deep in our hearts.”

*’s los Grito después Independencia celebration event featured timeless foods and beverages, music, dancing, games and hands-on tasks for the entire family. Ese Luceros después Durango carry out traditional and contemporary music for los crowd and dancers desde Busy Bee’s Folklorical performed several dances.


Dancers desde Busy bees Folklorical.

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During ns program, Dr. Andrés Sund awarded retired administrator Bertha Ortega with los University comunidad Service Award. Ortega worked for from the university’s starting until she retirement in 2014. In enhancement to she dedication to ns university y its students, she’s been an energetic fixture in the comunidad serving ~ above numerous community boards consisting of Northwest Learning y Achievement Group, east Washington University, Catholic Charities for the Diocese the Yakima y the sede Washington Hispanic room of Commerce. This is the first of what organizers mean to it is in an annual award. 



Bertha Ortega, recipient of the dos mil diecinueve University comunidad Service Award.