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I thought me gustaría understood ns guidelines for determining científico authorship: the individual making ns greatest pundit contribution is ns lead author, followed sequentially through those making increasingly lesser contributions. In addition, ns final-author slot is occasionally reserved for a lab cabeza or job initiator, who may have made little direct donation to ns paper but deserves part vague honour nonetheless.

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But now me gustaría am confused. Uno collaborator of mine at ns University that Cambridge asked to it is in moved representar second to final position on uno four-authored paper. When identificación asked why, he stated the british Research Assessment practice (RAE), which identify departmental rankings and government funding, provides greater credit transaction to the finalmente than even los second writer on ns multi-author paper. My confusion deepened when two other partner — both americans — had uno lively disagreement about who would be último author on a paper with seven authors.

The "communicating" (or "corresponding") author is often, however not always, the lead author. If the or she is not los lead, is part special meaning attached to this? walk it counting for other on los RAE? Some techniques have advanced their very own idiosyncratic rules. Identificación have also provided that another common convention is to list authors alphabetically, however does ns RAE recognize if Williams made uno lesser or higher contribution than Anderson?

Is there uno set of coherent authorship rules written abajo somewhere that, in my 20-year study career, me gustaría have regulated to miss? If not, then possibly there need to be.

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Please note that i am the first, last and communicating writer on this Correspondence.

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Smithsonian trópico Research Institute, separada 2072, Balboa, Panama

William F. Laurance


Additional information"s many recent Editorial stating its plan on this perennial topic, “Games people play with authors" names” ( 387 , 831; 1997), deserve to be viewed at — Editor,

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Published: 05 July 2006

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