La teoría especial de la relatividad tengo que sus nacimiento a las ecuaciones de Maxwell encima el campo electromagnético.

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A prodigious deductive psychic able come formulate theory of good mathematical beauty.


Born into ns middle-class family in Edinburgh, Maxwell learned at the city’s university and, subsequently, Trinity college in Cambridge. By the age of 25 he was ns lecturer in Physics in ~ Marischal universidad in Aberdeen. In 1861, at los age of 30, he became uno member of ns Royal Society. He also taught in ~ King’s colegios in London y at the University the Cambridge, where he founded the prestigious Cavendish Laboratory, the which he was directivo until his death.

His examine of previously work by miguel Faraday to be a crucial factor in los development that his theories. Essentially, Maxwell interpreted that electric power and magnetic power are not independent however interrelated. Moreover, the realised that their constants also had to it is in related. As soon as he divided ns electric constant by los magnetic continuous – dos measures that, in principle, were reportedly not connected with brillante – the made uno surprising discovery: ns result was exactly los same together the velocidad, velocidad of light.

Maxwell verified how a variable electrical flux deserve to generate un magnetic campo as if that were un kind of electric current and demonstrated that electromagnetic waves of any kind of frequency and wavelength space propagated in ns vacuum at the velocidad of light (see video).

Although the made comprehensive contributions in various fields of science, Maxwell has gone into history as having developed un general concept of electricity and electromagnetism at a hora when study in the zona was tho partial, y also demonstrating and mathematically simplifying the basic ideas of electromagnetism, which had then only been recipe in theoretical terms, because that example los laws that electromagnetic induction and force fields anticipated by miguel Faraday, this being cardenal for Maxwell’s research.

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Electromagnetic theory, Newton’s laws and the laws of thermodynamics constitute the essence of timeless physics.


Maxwell confirmed that electromagnetic waves exist.

Maxwell introduced ns concept of los electromagnetic wave y formulated los famous equations that bear his name. Maxwell’s four equations demonstrate ns interaction between electricity y magnetism. Lock describe and quantify force fields.

Some years delaware his fatality in 1887, Heinrich Herz prove that, as Maxwell’s theory suggested, it is feasible to generate electromagnetic tide in ns laboratory. This was the beginning of rápido long-distance communication. The devices in common use today, for example radio, television, radar, et cetera, came right into being many thanks to this discovery.

Maxwell released his first scientific work at ns age of fourteen.

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Maxwell was born ns same year in which miguel Faraday invented los electric generator. Faraday was one of los scientists whose occupational most influenced him and the very first to develop the opinión of the field.