Lana del rey new album 2017

Ahead of her forthcoming release Lust for Life, the singer premiered ns album"s location track, a collaboration with ns Weeknd, on BBC Radio uno Wednesday afternoon.

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Listen come the new track via Spotify below, and then atrapalo up con everything Lana has actually shared about her new album so far.

The title 

On march 29, Lana announced her new album Lust for Life, the follow-up to her 2015 release HoneymoonOn April 11, she shared los album"s smiling cover art, ns departure from the brooding images that attach her previous releases.

The relax date

While Lana hasn"t shared the album"s main release date, she promised fanes that Lust because that Life was "coming soon" in uno trailer on march 29.

The singles

Lana shared ns first nuevo track from Lust because that Life, title Love, ~ above Feb. 18, with the song"s music video showing up later that week.

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Lust because that Life"s title monitor premiered top top Mistajam’s BBC Radio 1 show on Wednesday, with Lana teasing the nuevo song ~ above Twitter beforehand.

Lana likewise announced she"s collaborating with Miles Kane desde the band The final Shadow Puppets in one interview with BBC Radio 2.

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The inspiration

Lana enraged her new music"s political undertones in her BBC Radio 2 interview, explaining that she began ns recording process "thinking that the whole record was walk to have actually sort that a, like, uno ’50s, ’60s feeling, with some kind of Shangri-La, early on Joan Baez influences."

But as ns record progressed, her perspective changed. "As los climate maintained on getting more heated politically, identificación found (that) lyrically everything was just directed towards that," she said. "So due to the fact that of that, the sound just acquired really updated, and I felt prefer (talking) to ns younger lado of los audience me gustaría have. Identificación guess the just a little more socially aware. That’s type of ns global feeling."

In uno release because that Love, Lana described los differences between Lust for Life and her previous albums. “I make my very first four albums because that me, however this one is because that my fans y about where me gustaría hope we space all headed," she said.