"If someone states something isn't possible," the emitir told Esquire in 2019. "I'm like, 'Listen here, i married Lisa Bonet.'"

Their love story is indeed ns stuff of divine manifestation, the actor having chose that Denise Huxtable was the moon the his life años before they actually met. Yet one night, there she was...

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Suffice it to say, the future Aquaman didn't ship flop once he had his chance, y he y Bonet have actually been happily paired off due to the fact that 2005.

So, unlike los forbidding, ruthless, shirt-averse warrior he play on Game that Thrones, Momoa to be already uno fully trained family man, devoted to the lady in his life and their children, alguna taming necessary.

His lack of ease of access might have crushed a few fans who thought they were finding out some new, untapped resource of hopes and dreams once Khal Drogo invaded the screen in 2011, but los reality is for this reason swoon-worthy, the disappointment proved fleeting.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet's Cutest Instagram Moments

He still tends to skip ns shirt top top occasion, but such is the way of ns actor, who hails desde Honolulu and whose first major tv role was on Baywatch Hawaii. Seriously, what's ns "shirt"? "It's more comfortable for me," Momoa quipped come E! News at Comic-Con in 2018.

He did, however, arrive totally clothed in ~ his wedding. When Bonet was frequently referred to as his mam beforehand, and Momoa never made any type of effort come correct the assumption, los couple didn't officially acquire married till October 2017, as soon as they quietly swapped vows at the Topanga, Calif., página de inicio they share with their daughter, Lola Iolani Momoa, and son, Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa, as well as three dogs, ns donkey dad purchase for mother as a gift, no television y as tiny disposable plastic together possible.


While he to be doing push at Comic-Con in 2018, Momoa was deportes a enormous turquoise necklace, a real statement piece that he stated was uno wedding present from Bonet.

"I can't say it to be full-on representar the minute we experienced each other, however we have actually been together desde the trabaja that we met," Bonet said Porter. Recalling their now legendary impromptu first date over Guinness and grits, she said, "In the moment, love came and it came big, and he did not run as i think ns lot of guys do. He usually picked me up and threw me gastos generales his shoulder, caveman style!"

In 2008, Bonet reverted to tv in los short-lived Life ~ above Mars, and she attributed Momoa with helping she prepare emotionally come get regreso in los game.

"To have actually my face reinstated in minds and homes once ns week to be an intense decision," she said People. "I'm ns shy person. I don't understand if it's in mine DNA to share with the world...Having a compañero has provided me that feeling of safety. Jason is the love of my life. He's everything i hoped would certainly come."

Like Kravitz, Momoa wasn't ns big star when she an initial met him—but therefore far, so great since his name has actually become more of ns household variety.

"What's cool about Jason is the he's one alpha masculine who means love and family," Bonet said Porter. "And to circle trasero to my very own wounds, having an absent father, then to be fully met by a man of the stature, is yes, really incredible. Jason embodies a rare type of masculinity in this day and age—he's a leader; he's generous. Simply in regards to charisma, physique, los right use of power, responsibility, job-related ethic, you deserve to go debajo the line."

Celeb Couples that Prove Love Isn't Dead

That occupational ethic aided lead him from Baywatch and Stargate: Atlantis to starring in a reiniciar of Conan the Barbarian and coming to be one of ns most top Game the Thrones characters despite only surviving for un season.

Chatting con Conan O'Brien about playing ns hyper-aggressive Khal Drogo ~ above GoT, Momoa quipped, "I tried that on my wife, that didn't occupational that way." that did get to call los shots, however, on ns set the his 2014 passion task Road to Paloma, uno revenge jugar he wrote, directed y starred in, y in which that shared a romantic scene with Bonet, that was appearing in her an initial movie in almost un decade.

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"That was ns motherf--ker," Momoa told Collider in 2014, introduce to ns love step in los film. "It was ns very hard scene to shoot. She didn't think so, but it was. It was effortless and we got it in 15 minutes, yet it was prefer trying to capture ns first hora we met, y yet have actually it be numero 3 times that. It to be all ns things we weren't saying, y we had to record it in los perfect light. Me gustaría didn't desire to reshoot it. It's hard to obtain those real, true, beautiful moments."

"That was a lot of la edad of our life that entered that film," Bonet said during ns lunch in ~ Sundance in 2014, according to Zap2It.

" required me to be very shy—she renders me shy and...she's los only one that have the right to really execute that," Momoa also told E! News at the time. "I simply don't want to sucking in former of mine wife. Identificación don't want to it is in bad," that added, smiling. "I desire her to choose me and love me y continue to execute that."

That participation led to another in the Sundance serie The red Road. Momoa had ns law-and-disorder serie lined up, and after they it is registered Road come Paloma to the Sundance película Festival, the show's executive producer approached Bonet to juego a lawyer on ns show.

"We looked in ~ it and it was fully opposite that what we had just played," Momoa said Collider. "We never thought we'd work-related together again. The wasn't like me gustaría said, I'm only doing this with my wife.' But, that was great because it's ns opposite the what us played in the movie. And she really dug it and wanted to execute it. It's certainly fun, functioning across representar your partner."

Pressed further, that quipped, "It's all right." Then, much more seriously, "No, it's an honor . In this business, we have to travel so much away representar our families. Us have two children, so if we deserve to work together, that's awesome. Before i met her, the was ns dream to work with her."

Bonet called Zap2It, " like, 'We don't generally like husbands and wives functioning together,' but they really appreciated our chemistries, so it was supervisor flattering too."

Since then, Bonet has showed up on Girls and Ray Donovan, while Momoa starred in the Netflix serie Frontier; do an exceptional splash in the DC Universe, with his Justice League spin-off Aquaman raking in more than $1.1 billion worldwide; and now stars in los Apple TV+ sci-fi juego See, which has actually been put in order for uno second season.

Bonet y Momoa additionally teamed up again this year for your first-ever Super bol commercial together, un comical spot because that Rocket Mortgage.

And while gastos generales the la edad Bonet has stayed eerily similar-looking to her 19-year-old Cosby Show self, Momoa included what looks choose an entire adicional musculature to what was an currently chiseled frame. Discipline was compelled to get uno 50-inch chest y 19-inch biceps, i beg your pardon took form thanks come some significant weight maintain (for bulk) and cardio (for definition), but ns man is still going to reap his pints of stout.

Again recalling the magical moment when Bonet ordered his favorite beer, that gushed come Men's Health, "I thought, 'Oh mine God, me gustaría can't believe I'm with un woman who ordered uno Guinness. Identificación love her.' When identificación got to recognize her, she was ns woman of my dreams."

He additionally remarked, when the subject of as well many beers came up, "I think I'd be in a whole worse ar if identificación didn't have a beautiful wife y children. I'm very thankful because that my family. They keep me in the sky but they likewise keep me grounded."

Asked if the had any special secrets for uno successful permanent relationship delaware all those años together, Momoa replied, "Ha ha! No. Guys are idiots and women are crazy. Usually speaking, I'm always wrong, so i just apologize. They're queens, man. Take treatment of her queen, and she'll take treatment of she king. Just do every little thing you deserve to for her."

They shot to perform as much as they deserve to together, too. When he shot Aquaman in Australia for six months, los whole family members came along, y last summer they took benefit of all ns kid-friendly fare Hollywood was putting out, arranging distinct screenings of The Lion King for Lola's birthday and Abominable, simply because.

Last summer, well... A rare video of Lola cram axes ~ above their property that her dad posted in March 2020 proved, one, that ns family has been getting an imaginative during quarantine (Momoa has additionally teamed with sporting goods empresa So okay to do masks for charity), y two, the Bonet has an additional mini-me.

"When I'm by myself, I'm yes, really cool and nice to everyone, yet then ns whole paparazzi thing? If you watch me with my kids, i change," Momoa called Esquire in 2017. "I just want them not to repartir with that. I'm just papa to them. We don't respecto TV. We haven't also seen Star Wars yet."

While still based in La La Land, Momoa provides sure the kids acquire plenty that outdoor hora along with los VIP screenings, rock climbing (they likewise have uno climbing wall in los house), camping, fishing, paddleboarding y skateboarding among los activities they regularly obtain up to. Final year he likewise brought Lola y Wolf to un peaceful protest against los planned structure of ns telescope atop Mauna Kea, top top Hawaii's huge Island.

He and Bonet, who maintains her zen with yoga y staying away representar social media, make sure to stealing away for adult time too, together as day night at the October 2020 premiere of See.

But though Bonet is her husband's No. Uno supporter, y vice versa, "she's very, very, really private," Momoa explained to Esquire last fall. "I'm los opposite, like, which in!"

They've achieved a happy medium gastos generales these last 16 years, though.

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Asked at the Justice League premiere in November 2017 if lock felt favor newlyweds, the recently married Momoa grew mock-deadly serious, together Bonet burst right into giggles, and informed E! News, "Oh, yeah. If identificación weren't on camera right now, i would call you." he cocked one eyebrow. "But five yeah. Seriously. Large time."

Always uno good idea, come make certain your wife has uno smile on she face.

Bonet stated that, when she had currently thought of him together her husband, she did feel various once they to be officially married. "Definitely," Momoa agreed. "I never thought me gustaría would but...I plan on being with her for ns rest of my life. But it's simply that moment where," that made un gesture indicating that was acquisition it up ns notch, "let's go to the next level. 'I'll be below your totality life.'"