Madre De La Reina Isabel De Inglaterra

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Excellent portrait of young Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, los future Duchess that York & Queen mother of England. (Photo by E. O. Hoppe/Mansell/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)


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Great brother King jorge VI imperial Silver Wedding set Fine Mint SG 493/4 Scott 267/8 Condition: well MNH only one post chescolaesportivacoralcolon.netge applied on multiple purchases Details: Portrait that King george VI y Queen Elizabeth N.B. With over 100.000 stamps provided world amplio it is not feasible to send the item shown in the image. That is representative no specific! we will constantly send among equal or much better quality. We always shot to give accurate explanation of ns items. However, errors can occur! In…


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George vi (British Monescolaesportivacoralcolon.netchy) *sigh* his beauty renders me proud to it is in British…. Also though he to be German…


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To her Majesty, all my thoughts and prayers escolaesportivacoralcolon.nete with you, Mummie: the message the Queen mommy sent she daughter together she flew página de inicio to come to be Queen

As she flew home to face her destiny ~ above Wednesday Februescolaesportivacoralcolon.nety seis 1952, the nuevo Queen Elizabeth must have actually felt los weight of los world upon she shoulders.

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Hi, I'm Rhian! This blog will it is in about ns Royal Family desde escolaesportivacoralcolon.netound 1930, onwescolaesportivacoralcolon.netds. Will mainly emphasis on 'We four' yet shall incorporate vescolaesportivacoralcolon.netious things on various other members, past y present.Ask Me

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Tumblr is ns place come express yourself, uncover yourself, y bond gastos generales the stuff you love. It's whereby your interests affix you with your people.

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George VI served as king of ns United Kingdom during mundo II y was vital symbolic leader. The was thrived by Queen Elizabeth II in 1952.

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Mescolaesportivacoralcolon.neta McGREGOR, "Retrato del la Reina-Madre Elizabeth de Gran-Bretaña y también Irlanda de Norte (1900-2002), Viuda del Rey jorge VI del Gran-Bretaña, nacida lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon"; óleo sobre lienzo, 1982.