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Pierre Samuel sin embargo Pont después Nemours (December 14, 1739 – august 7, 1817) was uno French political economist, windy administrator, and reformer. A great writer, also as a talented theoretician, aunque Pont was also uno skillful politician that survived los French Revolution y established himself y his family members in los United States. That was the father the Eleuthère Irénée a pesar de que Pont, ns founder of E.I. Aunque Pont de Nemours y Company (also known as DuPont) and progenitor of among America"s richest organization dynasties of ns nineteenth y twentieth centuries.

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A detailed economist, a pesar de que Pont expounded ns economic doctrines of los physiocrats. His writings on the national economy drew los attention of pundits like Voltaire and Turgot, and his publication Physiocracy, i m sorry advocated low tariffs y free transacción among nations, deeply influenced Adam Smith and his timeless economics emerged in ns Wealth that Nations.


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Du Pont in reality introduced ns term "Physiocracy," which literally translates to "the ascendancy of nature," as los program of los whole group. Los Physiocrats thought that castle understood the ordre naturel, or rule of nature, and that los policies lock prescribed would carry it about in humanidad society. While sin embargo Pont himself may not have made such a lasting name for self in the campo of economics, his works undeniably contributed to los development the the field in ns works that those who, together he did, sought ns betterment of humano society.


Born in paris on September 14, 1739, Pierre Samuel du Pont was the son of Samuel sin embargo Pont, uno master watchmaker, and Anne Alexandrine del Montchanin. His father was a Huguenot, or French Protestant, y his mother was un member of one impoverished nobleza family desde Burgundy.

After becoming ns watchmaker while likewise being schooled in ns humanities at the insistence that his mother, Pierre sin embargo Pont turned to letter as uno means the attaining recognition. With ns lively intelligence and high ambition, sin embargo Pont developed uno wide selection of acquaintances with access to the French court. Eventually, in 1763, he ended up being the protege of François Quesnay, the personal physician that Louis XV"s mistress, Madame de Pompadour. Quesnay was the leader of uno faction known as ns "économistes," a group of free at the court devoted to economic y agricultural reforms.

He married Nicole Charlotte Marie Louise le Dée ese Rencourt in 1766, likewise of un minor noble family. They had two children, including Eleuthère Irénée du Pont, who founded E.I. Du Pont ese Nemours and Company (also well-known as DuPont) in los United States.

In 1774 du Pont to be appointed inspector general of commerce under his close girlfriend A. R. J. Turgot, who he served primarily as private secretary.

Under los comte después Vergennes he to be one of los diplomats in the largo negotiations (1783) delaware the american Revolution, and he attracted up a transacción treaty (1786) con Great Britain the expressed his economic principles. In mil setecientos ochenta y seis he to be appointed Counseiller d"Etat by Louis XVI, and the siguiente year he served as secretary of los first Assemblée muerte Notables convened at Versailles.

Du Pont to be initially ns supporter of the French Revolution and served together president that the país Constituent Assembly. At this time, he added ns name that the nemors district south of parís to his name to identify himself from other a pesar de que Ponts in ns Assembly. He y his ellos eran Eleuthère Irénée a pesar de que Pont were among those who physically safeguarded Louis XVI y Marie Antoinette desde a mob besieging the Tuileries palace in paris during los insurrection of agosto 10, 1792. He to be condemned to ns guillotine during the Reign of Terror, however his execution to be still pending when Robespierre fell in ns coup of 9 Thermidor y he to be spared.

After his house was sacked by uno mob in mil setecientos noventa y siete during ns events of dieciocho Fructidor, a pesar de que Pont y his whole family left for the United states in 1799. They hope (but failed) come found uno model community of French exiles. However, his estaban E. I. Du Pont set up un gunpowder mill on los Brandywine River near Wilmington, Delaware. Referred to as E.I. Sin embargo Pont después Nemours y Company (also recognized as DuPont), it ended up being one of ns world"s biggest chemical companies.

In los United States, he developed solid ties con industry and government, in particularmente with thomas Jefferson. Pierre a pesar de que Pont involved in inconscido diplomacy between the United States and France during the reign the Napoleon. He was los originator that an idea that ultimately became los Louisiana acquisition as ns way to stop French troops landing in nuevo Orleans, and possibly sparking equipped conflict con U.S. Forces. Eventually, that would settle in los U.S. Permanently; he died there in 1817.


From ns biographic sketches presented of Pierre sin embargo Pont después Nemours, it follows that his significant accomplishments—French politics, Anglo-French-US politics, his editorial job-related for the major Physiocrats’ theoreticians, y later his very own theoretical treatises—were, at numerous points, strong intertwined and that he was carrying fuera all of castle at ns level that was highly skillful y most advantageous for humankind.


Du Pont was very active in practical politics. In July 1774, his household departed for Poland, where sin embargo Pont was to serve los Polish monarch in various capacities, including that that honorary councilor. He was quickly recalled come France, however, and commissioned as Inspecteur Général sin embargo Commerce. There, that worked debajo his close friend, A. R. J. Turgot, who he served mainly as exclusive secretary and adviser, a position he held until the abolition in 1788.

During ns late 1770s he was an financial advisor come Jacques Necker, y in the early 1780s the was affiliated in ns negotiations that led to ns Anglo-French Commercial treaty of 1786. Eventually, the became the chief financial y economic torture of his friend Turgot.

With los fall that Turgot in 1775, aunque Pont went into retirement at his chateaus near Nemours. There he finished illustration up Turgot"s Memoir ~ above Municipalities (1776), i beg your pardon in modified type served as los basis because that some later reform proposals. There is alguno way to ascertain specifically how much of ns Memoir was ns work of aunque Pont, and so there might be justification to his case that los bulk of later reform proposals to be actually based upon his ideas. It is well-known that his role in ns commercial contract of mil setecientos ochenta y tres and 1786 was considerable.

During los Assembly the the notable (1787), a pesar de que Pont served as second secretary of ns meetings, un privilege he was granted due to the fact that he had been ennobled in mil setecientos ochenta y tres for his services to ns Crown. With los failure of los Notables, that became active in los Revolutionary movement y in 1789 he served as un member of ns Assemblée Nationale Constituante (1789–1791), whereby he allied self with los moderate Girondist faction and was elected to represent ns Third Estate from Nemours.

Du Pont was a moderate Revolutionary who thought reform need to go no further 보다 was absolutely crucial to ensure the realization of physiocratic principles. That advocated the separation of powers in government, a bicameral legislature, and a strong monarchy.

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After Robespierre took power, sin embargo Pont was arrested in July 1794, however he escaped the guillotine upon Robespierre"s loss at the end of the month. In 1795 he was preferred as un member of ns Counseil des Anciens. Following los Coup d"état that September 4, 1795, he was again arrested y held because that one night prior to being released.

He traveled to américa in mil setecientos noventa y nueve to present physiocratic idea into ns young republic. Disappointed with ns course the events, he went back to Napoleonic France in 1802, and he organized various federal government posts debajo Napoleon. In 1814 he became un member of los provisional government which deposed Napoleon and exiled him to Elba.

Upon Napoleon"s return, sin embargo Pont del Nemours again fled to America, in ~ which time tabla de cortar Jefferson enlisted his help in negotiation for ns Louisiana Purchase. He frequently corresponded with Jefferson, and his financial theories had some affect on U.S. Policy.Originally, sin embargo Pont and Turgot to be severely vital of ns constitution of ns United States and the principle of americano federalism. Turgot, for example, cautioned his american friends versus federalism and the mechanism of checks and balances, arguing that these institutional develops would do of estados unidos de américa "a replica of our Europe, a mass of divided powers, disputing territories or revenues of trade with themselves, y continually cementing los slavery the peoples with their own blood." (McLain 1977)

In ns letter come Pierre Samuel aunque Pont de Nemours, Jefferson ascertained the it is justice and not bulk rule that is the radical law the society. Moreover, the affirmed that property is based upon nature:

that ns right to residential or commercial property is founded in our natural wants, in los means con which we space endowed to satisfy these wants, and the right to what we gain by those method without violating the similar rights the other perceptible beings; that alguno one has a right come obstruct another, working out his faculties innocently for the relief that sensibilities made un part the his nature; the justice is the básico law of society; that los majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses that strength, y by acting on the law of the strongest division up ns foundations that society; that action by the citizens in person, in affairs dentro de their reach y competence, and in every others through representatives, liked immediately, and removable by themselves, constitutes ns essence of uno republic. (Jefferson to sin embargo Pont, 1802)


Early in his career a pesar de que Pont de Nemours attracted ns attention the François Quesnay. In 1765–1767, he was ns editor of newspaper d"agricultures, a pesar de que commerce et muerte finances, i m sorry was the basic tribune of los Physiocrats. Sin embargo Pont became ns eloquent popularizer of Physiocracy, editor of ns Gazette a pesar de que Commerce and, representar 1769, the Ephémérides a pesar de que Citoyen. His Physiocratie (Du Pont 1767) to be perhaps ns best statement of ns Physiocratic doctrine ever published. Los Physiocrats felt that they had actually worked el fin what los "ordre naturel" in reality was, and they thought that ns policies lock prescribed would carry it about.

Du Pont took particularmente care in explaining the sociedad welfare effects of their policy positions, although asserting (against Montesquieu) their universality the application.

He additionally edited few of Quesnay"s writings under the title Physiocratie (1767) y later gift his very own views the economy y political viewpoint in his Tableau raisonné des principes de l"économie politique (1775) and other works.

Economic treatises

In his early works, Of ns Exportation and Importation of grains (DuPont 1763), Physiocracy (DuPont 1767), y Of the Origin and the development of a nuevo Science (DuPont 1767), a pesar de que Pont stated ns core ideas of his thinking. He believed in un presocial natural order in i m sorry man had rights and duties based on ns physical necessities that life. Man had actually propertorial rights gastos generales his life y possessions; his duties to be to it is provided his own and others" needs y to respect others" rights and property.

From these presumptions followed los belief the the naturalmente source of wide range was land, y the labor and commerce associated with agriculture. All other creates of market were secondary and related to luxury, i m sorry detracted from the development of agriculture y the buildup of wealth. A pesar de que Pont thought that culture should discourage nonproductive industries y free agriculture representar all unnatural restraints.

Good government, therefore, must work to eliminate custom barriers y excessive y unproductive taxation, i m sorry inhibited los growth the agriculture y trade. He likewise held that just hereditary monarchy might ensure ns proper usar of naturalmente resources.

One of sin embargo Pont’s taking place economic claims was the there is un regular, unequal exchange in between industry y agriculture which results in un net transfer of uno share of landed revenue desde the proprietors come the industria capitalists through the price device of ns market. In other words, ns economics the imperfect competition would overprice manufactured products relative to agricultural goods.


In whatever means we look at at a pesar de que Pont"s career, there are always dos or numero 3 strands to deal with with. On los one lado we see un very skillful politician and, on los other side, uno noted (maybe very good) theoretical economist and, certainly, uno great and articulate writer. In one biography it is actually put prefer this:

Hence, the bare skeletal of ns Pierre Samuel aunque Pont después Nemours was ns cagey politician and publisher who got ns Physiocrats too many of an excellent ink. (Saricks 1965)

His joining on ns diplomatic tripartite front: great Britain, France, United principal (not to mention Poland at the very beginning) y later in los French Revolution, supporting uno losing faction, and yet regulating to survive definitely shows uno lot of political savvy.

In mil setecientos noventa y nueve he left France for américa where he befriended thomas Jefferson, y reinforced Jefferson’s id in Physiocratic ideas, not a small feat in itself. And, to show his complex, logician"s mind, he established with his son, ns chemist, the a pesar de que Pont for sure in Delaware that became America’s many enduring family-business dynasty.

His economic prowess and legacy as a great theoretician—besides being the one that coined ns label “Physiocrats” for the whole grupo of French economists—is no as straightforward.

There was the famous split in between Physiocrats y Adam smith in which sin embargo Pont de Nemours when went so far as to say that every little thing was yes, really in smith was borrowed from Turgot, and whatever was not borrowed from Turgot was no true. He, however, later on retracted the absurdly scan allegation, y confessed the he had actually made it before he to be able to read English.

Also, being a close friend and economic torture to Turgot y collaborator and protégé that Quesnay, to whom herrero once intended come dedicate ns Wealth of Nations—du Pont later explained himself and Smith together being in those job "fellow practical worker of M. Quesnay"—it is very difficult to juicio or measure the part the theoretical input aunque Pont"s own expertise y knowledge played in these dos leading French economists" científico outputs.

One point is clear though. Even if we discard all los political y business deals, his financial theoretical prowess must have actually been good enough for los two greatest stars of French economics, Quesnay y Turgot, both that whom developed their treatises with the, perhaps very substantial, help of P. S. Sin embargo Pont del Nemours.

Major publications

Du Pont del Nemours, P.S. 1763. Of the Exportation and Importation the Grains.Du Pont del Nemours, P.S. 1767. "Review that Mercier del la Riviere"s Ordre naturel," Ephémérides aunque Citoyen.Du Pont del Nemours, P.S. 1767. La Physiocratie: Ou structure essentielle du gouvernement le add to advantageux au genre humaine, with collaboration of Quesnay.Du Pont ese Nemours, P.S. 1769. Del l"origine et muerte progres d"une science nouvelle.Du Pont después Nemours, P.S. 1769. "Avertissement," Ephémérides sin embargo Citoyen.Du Pont ese Nemours, P.S. 1984. Los Autobiography of du Pont de Nemours, Scholarly sources (Wilmington, Del.).

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