Quien fue jose de san martin

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Born:February 25, 1778Argentina...(Show more)Died:August 17, mil ochocientos cincuenta (aged 72)BoulogneFrance(Anniversary in 7 days)...(Show more)Role In:Napoleonic Wars...

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José de San Martín, (born February 25, 1778, Yapeyú, viceroyalty the Río de la plata —died august 17, 1850, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France), Argentine soldier, statesman, y national hero who aided lead los revolutions against Spanish rule in Argentina (1812), Chile (1818), and Peru (1821).

Early life and career

San Martín’s father, Juan del San Martín, uno Spanish professional soldier, to be administrator that Yapeyú, formerly un Jesuit mission terminal in guaraní Indian territory, on the norte frontier of Argentina. His mother, Gregoria Matorras, was likewise Spanish. Los family went back to Spain when josé was six. From mil setecientos ochenta y cinco to 1789 he to be educated at los Seminary of nobles in Madrid, leaving over there to start his military career as ns cadet in the Murcia infantry regiment. For the next 20 years that was a loyal officer of the Spanish monarch, fighting against the Moors in Oran (1791); versus the hermano (1798), who held him captive for an ext than un year; and against los Portuguese in the War of the Oranges (1801). He was made captain in 1804.

The turning punto in smo Martín’s career came in 1808, adhering to Napoleon’s occupation of Spain y the succeeding patriotic uprising against los French there. For dos years he served ns Sevilla (Seville) junta directiva that to be conducting the war on behalf of ns imprisoned Spanish king Ferdinand VII. That was promoted to ns rank of sublieutenant colonel because that his command in los Battle that Bailén (1808) and was elevated to command of los Sagunto Dragoons delaware the battle of Albuera (1811). Instead of acquisition up his nuevo post, that sought permission to go to Lima, the ciudad capital of the Viceroyalty that Peru, however traveled by means of London to cosas buenas Aires, which had become the principal centre that resistance in South américa to ns Sevilla junta y its successor, ns Cádiz-based board of directors of Regency. There, in ns year 1812, San nombre de niño was given ns task the organizing a corps that grenadiers against ns Spanish royalists centred in Peru that threatened los revolutionary government in Argentina.

One possible explanation for this startling adjust of allegiance on ns part of ns soldier who had actually sworn fealty come Spain is that it was prompted by inglaterra sympathizers with los independence motion in Spanish estados unidos de américa and the San martín was recruited through los agency of jaime Duff, 4th earl the Fife, who had battled in Spain (and who led to San nombre de niño to it is in made ns freeman of Banff, Scotland). In later on years, San martin averred that he had actually sacrificed his job in Spain since he had responded to ns call that his indigenous land, and this is ns view taken by Argentinian historians. Undoubtedly, península Spanish prejudice versus anyone born in los Indies must have actually rankled throughout his job in Spain and caused him to identify himself with the creole revolutionaries.

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In the service of los Buenos plancha government, San martin distinguished himself as a trainer y leader that soldiers, and, delaware winning ns skirmish against loyalist forces at smo Lorenzo, on ns right banco of ns Paraná river (February 3, 1813), the was sent out to Tucumán to reinforce, y ultimately replace, Gen. Manual Belgrano, who was being difficult pressed by forces of los viceroy that Peru. San martín recognized that the Río después la plata provinces would never ever be for sure so largo as ns royalists organized Lima, yet he perceived the military impossibility that reaching the centre the viceregal strength by means of ns conventional overland course through top Peru (modern Bolivia). He as such quietly prepared los masterstroke the was his can be fried contribution to ns liberation of southern del sur America. First, that disciplined and trained ns army roughly Tucumán for this reason that, with ns assistance that gaucho guerrilleros, they would certainly be qualified of a holding operation. Then, on the pretense of okay health, he obtained himself appointed governor intendant of ns province that Cuyo, the ciudad capital of which to be Mendoza, ns key to los routes across los Andes. There, he set about producing an military that would attach up overland with los soldiers of the patriotic government in Chile and then proceed by sea to strike Peru.