Sor juana inés de la cruz isabel ramírez

Juana Ines del la superar is uno woman of extreme integrity and resilience. From day one she knew her life goal was to create a change because that women. She was a “go getter” y never permit anyone tell she she might not succeed in anything she tried.

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Juana Ines del la la cruz was born “Juana Ramirez de Asbaje”, November doce 1651 in ns small ciudad outside of Mexico City. The is said that her mother, Dona Isabel Ramirez, played a big role modelo in she life since of ns absence of she father. Dona Ramirez was very influential in ns way that Juana lived and saw life as a woman. Dona Isabel Ramirez elevated Juana in uno very solid feminist household, she was increased to be very independent y was taught not abide through the sociedad norms of a “woman role.” being without un father ilustración in her young adolescent life, Juana was displayed by her mother that women deserve to work as hard and succeed as lot as men. Juana was additionally raised in un very spiritual atmosphere and was considered a daughter of ns church. At ns very young age Juana found an extreme interest in reading y writing. Also though this activity was forbidden come girls, Juana did not take kindly to that stereotype or ideology system standard. She continued in sneaking around to find out all that she could desde books in her grandfathers’ library. Between ages tres to 8, she progressed in reading, writing and was maybe to compose her an initial poem dubbed “The Eucharist.” Throughout her adolescent years, Juana was viewed as a prodigy for she generation.When Juana turned period 10, her mommy sent she away to Viceregal Court y was put under the care that Dona Leonor Caneto. She was solely sent to this court since of her exceptional reputation that having great intelligence.

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In ~ age 17 she was put in former of an extremely prestigious persons including theologians, philosophers and poets come prove herself together an intelligent woman. Juana impression this group beyond words with her academic knowledge y self-taught intelligence, the her reputation came to be larger than life. After this stepping stone in Juana’s life, she made decision to offer her life up to god y enter in to the convent of ns Jerome. If attending there, she ongoing on in becoming a key idol in women’s ideal to education. She behavior in she studies including theology, history, law, music, astronomy and many various other subjects. Her main emphasis was that of theology. She felt the being a nun her duty was come focus all of her studies y thoughts ~ above god as much as she could. She permitted her writing to speak for she resistance to woman suffrage. She supplied her knowledge of theology y the native of the señor to prove females were just as equal to men in ns eyes the god. At a young period she was incredibly precocious and demonstrated great intellectual curiosity since of this, she developed a radical change for females in the diecisiete century. I believe Juana Ines después la cruz is ns great, possibly even the best example of un change agent.

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Even though it was forbidden because that girls to check out or even learn for the matter, she put her very own thoughts first and made uno pathway for mrs all gastos generales to prove themselves and become educated alguna matter the circumstance. If it weren’t for Juana Ines ese la Cruz’s vivid city or writings, women would of still had uno blind eye to ns lifestyle as ns female. Because of Juana, they to be given los feeling the empowerment through her works to go beyond the so dubbed woman’s norm because that that hora period y embrace learning y education.